Top 3 Reasons to Choose Safety Track's Trailer Tracking Solution

Many Deivices, One Platform. Affordable. After Sales Support.

Many Devices , One Platform

Whether you need a real-time trailer tracking unit, a battery operated one, or even a Satellite unit, you can have them all on one platform, No more switching between systems or platforms. We built this platform to handle the everyday needs of ALL our customers.


We use only US made hardware to ensure a better product. Less downtime and long life makes this a easy choice. Sometime it is not just the start up cost that matter, it is how long the hardware last. Choose wisely.

After Sales Support

Have you ever bought a product and afterwards, when you needed help with installation, set-up or training, your company is even aware of who you are? That's why our customer stay with us, year in and year out. We stand by our products and will do whatever it takes to answer your question.

Live Trailer Tracking

Easy Installation
Using Very High Bonding Adhesive
5 Day Battery Backup
10 or 30 minute update times while moving

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ST-1ooo Satellite Asset Tracking

Uses 4 AAA Energizer Batteries
High Impact Plastic Design
Weather Resistant
Low Start Up Cost

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Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Real-Time 30-Second Updates
Reduced Shrinkage and Spoilage Problems
Lowered Cost of Waste
Improved Operational Efficiency

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